Analog to Digital Converter (adc)

Compatibility: Eagle 50, 50E, 100 Other examples

The TI LM3S microcontrollers used in the Eagle controller line support eight single ended or four differential 10-bit analog inputs with a sampling rate up to 500 kilo-samples/sec (kSPS). These signals are available in the following headers:

Signal Header
ADC0 J7-1
ADC1 J7-3
ADC2 J7-5
ADC3 J7-7
ADC4 J7-2
ADC5 J7-4
ADC6 J7-6
ADC7 J7-8
GND J7-9

This example shows you how to read voltages from the 8 ADC channels. The screen output is shown below. Note that the voltages are shown in both integer and floating point formats. In integer format the 10-bit values go between 0 and 1023 (0x03FF) for the range 0.00V to 3.00V resulting in an accuracy of +/- 1.465 mV. Note that voltages over 3V should not be applied to the ADC inputs as they could damage the microcontroller. Op-amps or other alternatives should be used to implement scaling and isolation.



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