Product: Serial Plix

Controlling Serial Plix with a Domino

Date: 4/11/00

Introduction: This application note demonstrates how to control Serial Plix with a Domino 1 or 2 micro-controller.
Background: The Serial Plix is an 18-pin CMOS chip, which provides an intelligent communication interface between a serial port and X-10 AC power-line control modules. Using our example software and a TW523 power-line adapter module, you'll see how easy it is to remotely control appliances and lights through the power lines.


How it works: Serial Plix removes the burden of complex X-10 programming protocol from the designer by providing a simple serial interface. It takes care of the complex zero-crossing timing for sending and receiving X-10 commands so you don't have to. An otherwise simple embedded controller can now also feature X-10 power-line control by simply adding a Serial Plix chip to the design. The following schematic demonstrates all of the connections needed.


Program Listing:

10 REM *** This program demonstrates how to control

20 REM *** Serial Plix with the Domino.

30 REM *** Setting up and starting the processors real time clock.

40 REM *** This is to set a delay before sending the Serial Plix it's

50 REM *** next command.

60 TIME=0 : CLOCK 1

70 REM *** Sending the ASCII command to turn Unit A16 on.

80 REM *** Please note the comma at the end of the PRINT statement

90 REM *** is to stop the Domino from printing a carriage return/linefeed.

100 PRINT "$UONA1602",

110 REM *** Delay the program to give Serial Plix tme to complete it's task.

120 IF TIME<5 THEN 120

130 REM *** Sending the ASCII command to dim unit A16

140 PRINT "$DIMA1615",

150 IF TIME<25 THEN 150

160 REM *** Sending the ASCII command to brighten Unit A16.

170 PRINT "$BRTA1615",

180 IF TIME<45 THEN 180

190 REM *** Sending the ASCII command to turn off Unit A16.

200 PRINT "$OFFA1602",

210 REM *** Delay the loop before the program starts over.

220 IF TIME<50 THEN 220

230 REM *** Shutting down the processors real time clock

240 CLOCK 0

250 GOTO 60